Under the car view for signs of transmission fluid leak

4 Signs That Your Car is Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is critical for the proper function of your transmission. Without it, your transmission can overheat, grind, and delay acceleration. 


Fortunately, it is usually easy to spot the signs of a leaky transmission, or low transmission fluid. Here are four signs of a leaky transmission.

Mismarked Dipstick

If you suspect a transmission leak, the first step in confirming your suspicion should be checking the dipstick. The dipstick is usually identifiable as a red circle attached to a prong inside a tube. If you can’t locate it, check your owner’s manual.


Transmission fluid should be a light, translucent pink color. If it’s brown and thick, take your car to a Chattanooga transmission shop to get new fluid.

Liquid Under the Car

If there is ever a liquid dripping from your car – other than water – take it in for a transmission inspection. Your driveway can be a tell-all for this problem. If your usual parking spot starts showing puddles of strange fluid, then you know something is wrong.

A mechanic checking transmission liquid under the car

Abnormal Vibrating

Slipping gears can cause uncomfortable vibrating when you accelerate, and this is usually the result of low transmission fluid. This could mean your car is unsafe to drive. If your engine begins vibrating abnormally, take it in for a car transmission inspection.

Extreme Heat

One of the functions of transmission fluid is to lubricate the gears. When the transmission fluid leaks, it is unable to lubricate the gears, and the resulting friction can cause significant heat in the transmission. 

If you feel heat coming through the floorboard, this is almost always indicative of a transmission problem. If the temperature gauge shows your engine overheating, it could be something other than the transmission, but you should still take your car in for a transmission inspection.