transmission rebuilding

Transmission Rebuild: Things To Consider

A transmission rebuild is different from a transmission repair. In a transmission rebuild, parts of the transmission are removed and cleaned or replaced if broken. This process is great for replacing the worn-out pieces of the transmission and restoring life to your vehicle’s transmission. 


In this article, we’ll be looking at common causes of transmission failure, as well as everything you need to know about the transmission rebuilding process.

What Causes A Car’s Transmission To Fail?

Transmission failure can occur for a number of reasons. Towing more than what your vehicle is able to, having low transmission fluid, or shifting into drive or reverse before the vehicle is fully stopped are all common causes of transmission problems. Some other causes are not servicing your transmission or ignoring minor transmission problems when they occur. Keeping up with your transmission by having it serviced regularly is a great way to prevent transmission failure and prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission. 

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

A transmission rebuild is when it is determined that the extent of transmission problems goes beyond what a transmission repair can offer. This is a great option for anyone looking to restore their transmission but spend less money. In a complete transmission rebuild, the transmission is completely taken apart. All of the parts are cleaned, and any broken transmission pieces are repaired or replaced. Then, the transmission is rebuilt.


Sometimes during this, transmission upgrades are necessary to achieve the most long-lasting results. As far as what to expect after a transmission rebuild, a successful rebuild will extend the life of your transmission for many more years.

Transmission Rebuilding Process

If you’re asking yourself how hard is it to rebuild a transmission, below are some steps in the transmission rebuilding process.


  1. Inspect the transmission to determine if transmission rebuilding is necessary
  2. Remove the transmission from your vehicle and take it apart 
  3. Thoroughly clean all transmission parts
  4. Replace any broken or worn-down parts
  5. Inspect and perform any electrical repairs (as necessary)
  6. Rebuild and reinstall the transmission

Transmission Rebuilding Cost

The transmission rebuild cost at local transmission repair shops will vary based on the amount of damage to the transmission and the type of vehicle you own. You will want to visit a transmission shop to have your transmission thoroughly inspected. After the transmission has been inspected, you will be able to get a quote for a transmission rebuild (if a rebuild is necessary).

How Long Does Transmission Rebuilding Take?

Transmission rebuild service usually takes between 3 to 5 days. However, this depends on the transmission shop and the extent of damage to the transmission. Your best option is to have your transmission inspected to determine the amount of damage, and then ask your mechanic how long the rebuild will take. 

How Long Does Transmission Rebuilding Last?

What to expect after a transmission rebuild is for the transmission to last approximately 30,000 to 50,000 miles. This extended life is one of the great benefits of having a transmission rebuild performed. You will want to make sure an expert performs the rebuild too, as a well-done rebuild could last even longer!

Find the Right Transmission Auto Repair Shop

You might wonder how hard is it to rebuild a transmission. Since the transmission is such a crucial part of the car, it is important to make sure the rebuild is done correctly. For help with your transmission or other auto troubles, visit a transmission rebuild shop. An expert at this shop will be able to determine if a transmission rebuild is necessary, or if you just need a transmission repair.