Transmission Repair, Rebuild & Replace: Which Is Better

Transmission Repair, Rebuild & Replace: Which Is Better?

A car’s transmission is an important part of the vehicle. It takes your car engine’s energy and sends it to the wheels. If you’re experiencing transmission problems, there are many different options to get your transmission running again. Generally, for both manual and automatic transmissions you have three options: transmission repair, transmission rebuild, or transmission replace. It is important to know the difference between these three choices, as it can help you to make the right repair choice for your vehicle. 

Difference Between Transmission Repair, Rebuild & Replace

If you are experiencing car transmission problems, you will first want to take your vehicle to a local transmission shop. The transmission repair shop will be able to identify the problem or amount of damage to the transmission. Once the amount of damage is identified, you can move forward with determining if it would be best to repair transmission, rebuild transmission, or replace transmission.


Transmission Repair

You can take the repair transmission course of action if the broken parts of the transmission can be easily repaired or replaced. This is usually the case if you identify the transmission problem early, before further damage is caused. If it is going to take many small repairs to fix your transmission, a more long-lasting solution may be to rebuild transmission or replace transmission. These solutions can sometimes be less expensive than the cost to repair transmission.


Transmission Rebuild

Rebuilding your vehicle’s transmission is when the transmission is completely taken apart. An expert will then expect the transmission parts, clean and replace any broken components, and then reassemble the transmission. This is a great choice if your transmission is in need of many repairs, or if you have had transmission repairs in the past but are still experiencing transmission problems. The rebuild transmission option can completely revive your transmission. While the transmission rebuild cost is often higher than transmission repair cost, it will get you back on the road and running smoothly. It is also often at a lower cost than a transmission replacement.


Transmission Replace

The transmission replace option for fixing your vehicle is a good choice when the damage is extreme. If the damage is beyond professional repair, your mechanic can search for a good replacement option for your car. For a transmission replacement, you can order a new transmission from your vehicle manufacturer or find a used, good-condition option in the area. Despite the transmission replacement cost, it is worth it to have peace of mind on the road.


Transmission Rebuilding, Replacing & Repairing Considerations

When You Need a Transmission Repair

After experiencing vehicle transmission problems, you may be wondering if you can get a repair, or if a transmission rebuild/replacement is needed. You may be able to have a transmission repair if: 


    • Simple repairs are needed
    • Minimal damage has occurred to the transmission
    • The transmission problem was caught right away
    • A low number of repairs are needed


    When You Need a Transmission Replacement

    If you have more extreme damage, you may need a transmission replacement. A transmission replacement may be the right option if: 


      • Multiple repairs are needed
      • The transmission is damaged beyond repair
      • It will give you peace of mind and allow you to “start fresh”
      • How much to rebuild a transmission is similar to the cost to replace transmission


      When You Need a Transmission Rebuild

      Your car’s transmission may be in too bad of a state for a transmission repair but a transmission replacement seems extreme, then a transmission rebuild could be a good solution. Some considerations for if your transmission should be rebuilt are: 


        • Multiple repairs are needed
        • The transmission is not damaged beyond repair
        • You have had minor transmission repairs done before but are still experiencing issues
        • How much to repair a transmission is higher than the cost to rebuild a transmission

        Cost of Transmission Repair vs. Rebuild vs. Replacement

        How much does it cost to rebuild a transmission? The cost of transmission repair, rebuild, or replacement can vary based on a number of factors. These factors include if it is automatic or manual, the age of the transmission and its parts, the extent of damage, and the type of vehicle. A transmission rebuild cost averages $3,000. In comparison, a transmission replacement cost averages $6,500. Finally, a transmission repair will cost approximately $800. Since these prices can vary significantly, you should talk to a local auto shop to determine the exact transmission repair cost for your vehicle. 

        Is It Better to Rebuild, Repair or Replace Transmission?

        This depends on your personal preferences and the state of your transmission. If your transmission has experienced a high amount of damage and you want peace of mind, a transmission replacement or rebuild is a good option. However, if there is minimal damage and you want to keep transmission costs low, a transmission repair could be the right choice for you.


        Work with a Local Transmission Expert

        If you begin experiencing transmission problems, you should visit a local transmission shop as soon as possible. The experts there can diagnose the problem. They can also offer you transmission service options to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly!