Check transmission symptoms in a car engine under the open hood

4 Bad Transmission Symptoms Every Chattanooga Driver Should Know

The warning signs of transmission problems are usually very noticeable, and they require immediate attention.


The transmission is what allows your car to accelerate and decelerate by switching between gears, which makes it one of the most important components of your engine. If it starts to go bad, you should take it to a Chattanooga transmission shop immediately. 


The question is, how do you know if your transmission needs a repair? Here are a few symptoms of a problematic transmission that you should always be on the lookout for:

Difficulty Getting In Gear

This is the most obvious sign that your car is having transmission problems. Since the main function of the transmission is to help your car switch between gears, if your car is unable to do this effectively, it stands to reason that something is wrong with your transmission.


If you catch transmission problems early, they generally won’t require that much hassle or money. This is why it’s extremely important to schedule a transmission inspection as soon as you start noticing problems. 


This is a common symptom of a bad manual transmission. A grating or grinding sound when switching gears could be indicative of a bad clutch.


Don’t ignore this warning sign! Schedule a car transmission inspection as soon as you hear grinding coming from the engine.

Slipping Car Gears

Slipping Gears

Whether you drive an automatic or manual car, you should always have control of which gear your car is in.


If your transmission is slipping from one gear to another without you prompting it, this could mean the transmission fluid is low or the transmission bands are worn down. In either case, it’s dangerous for you and your passengers. 


If your car is shaking or vibrating during gear shifts, take it in for a transmission inspection. It’s an easy problem to ignore at first, but it can have devastating long-term effects on your transmission if you don’t address it soon enough.